Thursday 3 March 2016

String X quilt

Hi there,

What to do with all the scraps is just the perennial question once you have made even a small number of quilts. I keep trying various patterns, from small squares, to tumblers, and the latest is one I came across in various places (Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville pages are very helpful) but here is how I've begun my string cross quilt.

Take an assortment of 3 ½" strips of various widths from around 1"-2½"; some 1" strips of white and some 5" squares of a contrasting colour. I used blue, but really whatever colour you prefer to go with your strips, whether it's grey, white, or a bright yellow etc. your personal preference.

Sew the 3 ½" pieces together to form a long strip 10½"

You can see in the photo above that I've also laid out a 1" white strip to either side of one of the strips. Attach a strip like this to each/all of the 10½ strips you're going to use. 
Once the white strips are attached on either side, cut a triangle off each of the corners. 

I used a normal ruler, put the 45 degree line along the edge of my white strip, there's a corner that is 1½" from the side and from the top of the ruler, (this corner touches the edge of the white fabric of the block) on mine there are small black dashes that show where those two 1 ½" lines intersect and create the cutting angle. A diagonal line runs from the white strip down to the 3" mark of the 3 ½" strips. you can see the 3" mark touches that edge. Cut along that diagonal edge of the ruler. Thankfully photos should clarify the instructions above.

Once you've done that, your 5" squares come into play. These are cross cut so that you have two triangles which you attach to either side of the white strips. 

Once the triangles are attached, square up the block to 7½". Finally place the blocks in an arrangement that is pleasing to you and join them together. As you can see below I'm only just putting some of my blocks together, but I enjoy seeing the progress. It also gives me a bit of inspiration in joining all those little 3 ½" strips together!

I've got a ways to go, but this is the next project, or one of them, that I'm currently working on. 
Until next time, 


  1. So colorful and pretty. The design is also very nice :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It is so simple that I can make that. Good luck with your goal. ;^)

  3. Thanks Chantal, keeping it simple is usually best. If you make one I'd love to see your result.

  4. Ooh, love this idea!! What a great scrap quilt!!

  5. Thanks Sarah, only diminishes the scraps a little but great fun in doing it.

  6. Loved your idea. Beautiful block and a amazing layout when put then together.

    1. Thanks Paula, aren't scraps wonderful when they go together?

  7. Oooo, I love it! I wanna make one! Note to self: focus, no new projects! LOL (visiting from the "I may have a scrap problem" link up)