Wednesday 16 March 2016


There's something about the simple layout of these strips of colour that reminds me of the childhood game of hopscotch - the one where you put a marker on a paving stone and then hopped around the other pavers on one foot to pick up your marker.
I pieced the yellow, teal and grey pieces a few months ago but hadn't got to do the quilting until more recently.
Thanks to the inspiration of Leah Day - (she has a quilting pattern like a scroll that then goes off in different directions), I did a double circle instead, that looks a little like balloons heading off into the sky.
Balloons headed for the sky

I also tried something Leah recommends/uses herself when it comes to quilting - leaves the feed dogs up and simply puts the stitch length on zero. I tried this and sure enough, works like a dream. While I can't say I've ever had much in the way of tension issues anyway, this method would eliminate those.

I've backed it with a piece of batik that I've also had for a couple of years I think.
Backed with a piece of batik from my stash

And so tonight I'll be completing that binding. I like to do that by hand, especially on a smaller quilt. It's very relaxing and satisfying to finish a quilt in that way.
This one is probably destined for a baby - (I seem to come across quite a few) though not a particular one as yet.
This is one finish for the year that I've had on my list for a while so it's good to complete one and cross it off the list. Now, onto the next thing!
Until next time,


  1. I like the motif you quilted on this project. Leah Day certainly has loads of inspiration on here site, doesn't she? What a sweet baby quilt this is!

  2. Lovely baby quilt. I really like the colours you used. The quilting is fabulous, balloons, perfect for a baby.

  3. Oh how I love the colours in this little quilt! Fabulous job! Yes, those do look like balloons floating this way and that, and oh yes, Leah is fabulous, she helped me out big time when I got my longarm. Regarding feed dogs I've done that for almost all my FMQ life because my old machine, an Elna, couldn't drop the feed dogs. I bought a cover, but that added thickness between the cover and the foot, and when the cover suddenly shifted, bam! busted needle, so I said forget this, set the stitch length to 0 and Bob's my uncle (which he is, ha). That was 16 or 17 years ago. :-) Do the same thing on my Bernina.