Saturday 12 March 2016

Flimsy almost finish

It's Autumn here in Australia, not that you'd guess from today's temperature - it's still 30 degrees Celsius at 4:30pm! While I know that for many people you might really appreciate such warm sun, when it's been pretty warm since before Christmas, I'm well and truly ready for more low 20 degree temperatures.

But it does mean that staying in the air-conditioning sewing gets things moving along if not completed. So I've been busy on the string X scrap top and the flimsy is almost finished.
I say almost as I'm deciding whether to just put a narrow cream border around the whole thing (like the sashing strips) and then a final bluish border, or whether to just bind? Suggestions welcome! I took it onto the grass to try to get a shot there but as you can see from the top, the wind wasn't playing nicely. I even had the corners pinned. So we moved to the brick paving. A bit boring, but it stayed put. 
It does wash out the blues rather though, doesn't it? In typical scrap quilt fashion, I wasn't sure whether I had sufficient plain blue to complete all the 'squares' that are created when the string blocks come together. Fortunately I laid it out first and could see I would be just a few short - and had some similar value blue fleck on hand. So this is absolutely all from the stash. It does feel good to use up some scraps and have a joyful result. 
I may be ready to break into some new solid fat quarters I have for my next project, but scrap quilts are rather addictive so who knows? 
It is fun when you see things just come together like the small triangles of mostly primary colours: 
And while my seams are not always 100% matching, they're pretty close and certainly enough for me. This quilt may be destined for our local hospice where I've given a few quilts already. There is enough brightness there to bring some cheer and maybe some talking points too. 

Until next time,


  1. I have a UFO that is similar to this. You've reminded me that I ought to finish it up because the result is well worth it. I love this simple quilt. Scrappy strips with blues and creams. Lovely. If it were me, I would bind it as is, no borders. But that is only one opinion. :-)

    1. Thanks Bernie, the challenge is, bind in what colour? Stripes often work well on many things but may be just too much on this one.