Friday 15 May 2015

Flimsy finish and runner

I have attached the borders to the quilt begun with a fat quarter as its centre. That's the deer in the centre, now framed by geese and Barbara Fritchie stars. It took quite a bit of maths and juggling to get the spacing looking right on those larger stars, but now it's done it's worth it. That's the frustration and joy of making things up as you go along!

The question now of course, is how to quilt it? I'm happy to do the custom work on my machine, but I don't want to over quilt it. Would an all over loop work or not? Any suggestions welcome. It took a while to get the borders on, I changed my mind about purpose bought fabric (it was darker and more blue than this more golden, autumn colouring), and I'm happier with my final choice. 

I'm also pleased to have completed the table runner, again with a different fabric than I had originally tried out, this time for the binding, . Honest friends are very helpful telling you when it's just not the right shade or even colour. The binding now also goes really well with the pale green on the backing. So that's a win as well. 

Until next time,
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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Table Runner

It's been a little while since I did some quilting rather than piecing. This of course means that I have several pieces lining up to be quilted, but I have done one today. It's not quite finished, as it still needs its binding, but the quilting was fun.

 I just did a loopy free-motion swirl all over since there were so many triangles and straight lines there it needed some softening. Here is what it looked like prior to quilting. It really changes the whole look, but then that's really what quilting is all about (as well as a beautiful way to keep the backing and wadding together).
I'm not convinced about the fabric I'm auditioning for the binding, but equally unsure about what else to try (suggestions welcome). If I had some of the dark maroon/burgundy type fabric I would probably use that, but of course I don't have enough. This was really a 'scrap' project anyway, prompted by the hot pink. It's for a friend who has chair cushions in her dining room in that hot pink - and a brown table runner that she's been meaning to replace for a while she said.  
So within the next day or so some kind of binding will be attached and the table runner find its correct place on her table. 
Then I can get on to quilting those topsy turvy houses I've been having fun with. 

Until next time,

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