Friday 18 August 2017

Table runner

I've been fortunate enough to get away to our holiday place for a few days. The weather (despite it still being Winter) has been glorious. Here's a view from my afternoon walk.

While I'm here, I'm doing some sewing of course, and I realised that its been years since I made a new table runner for home. I've made them as gifts for others, but of course home tends to come last. But I saw one on Pinterest that I thought I could figure out. Seems that when I made the small squares I got a little carried away and didn't check back to see that I should have created rectangles rather than larger squares. Never mind, I'm still happy with the result. 
Here's a closer up showing the wavy quilting I decided to do. I couldn't quite face just outlining the squares and I thought the organic lines would help to unify the whole. The splash of turquoise picks up one of the colours in the fabric for the centre of the larger squares and the small beige/mushroom ones. I picked up a metre on special last week, but the rest all comes from my stash. 
The backing is a soft beige with a leaf pattern also from my stash. 
Its nice to know that when I get home I can put this on the table - once I figure out just what to bind it with. Since I'm here till Monday I might get some more quilting done yet too. 

Until next time,


  1. I really like it-nice job on the quilting too, seems just right for this runner.

  2. What a beautiful view to enjoy on your afternoon walk. Did you bring a quilt along with you so you could lie down and take a little nap? Wavy quilting looks good on that table runner!

  3. What a gorgeous view! I'm a fan of wavy quilting lately. It just works with so many designs. Your runner is just the perfect project for a getaway. I like how the turquoise pops with the other colors.

  4. The quilting is perfect for the quilt! You could even use the back for a different effect.