Saturday 11 January 2014

New Bag

With the summer here down under in full swing, we got a taste of what may be to come in Feb and March - it's over 40 degrees celsius today and here's our outside (in the shade) temperature gaugue to prove it!

Not really weather for quilting - at least not anything much bigger than this bag. So it became first in the line. The other two quilts in waiting will have to remain just that - at least until I get back from cooler climes down south towards the end of next week.
I'm trying to learn how best to photograph quilts etc too. Two lamps, daylight globes seems to give more shadows than I want at present. Will continue to explore and hope to improve.
I quilted the bag in a simple stipple particularly around the 'squares' that formed from the edges of the stripped block. Good fun all round and I hope my 'musical' friend finds it useful.

I'm linking up to Confessions of a fabric addict and Lily's quilts at:

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  1. Your tote bag is very pretty! I love the fussy cut musical fabrics! A beautiful gift for your friend!