Friday, 9 August 2019

So many squares

I know we all say how many scraps we have, but I'm one of those who can't bear to throw away all the small pieces. So when a friend recently commented how she liked this quilt:

I thought I'd have another go and make one for her. So I proceeded to gather all my 2.5" squares and fabric to make the half square triangles (from 4" squares right sides together, sewn a quarter inch around the edge then cut diagonally to yield 4 HST). 

I laid them out as I went along, but somewhere in the transition to our holiday place, I must have moved things around a little, as this is what I ended up with:

As well as the change in layout, it looks brighter than the first one, perhaps more red and yellow highlights. While I stuck with the feathers in the lighter sections, I chose to do curves in the darker squares. 

Then around the edges, I did some spineless or floppy feathers. 

This is probably the closest I've ever come to having the back appear like a wholecloth with the quilting. I delivered it today, much to her surprise and I think she liked it. 

As for my collection of scraps, do they seem reduced at all? Doesn't seem like it, but we know that they multiply in discreet, amazing and secret ways don't we?
Ah well, on to the next one. 

Until next time,


  1. Great Job! That is such a versatile scrappy block that most layouts look good.

  2. I swear my scraps are breeding in the bags. I love how this looks! And the quilting is lovely.

  3. these two quilts are so beautiful--I love using squares and have made many postage stamp pieces--but not paired with 1/2 sq. triangles..lovely setting hugs, Julierose

  4. I made some of these blocks for both the California Fires and the Carolina Hurricane block drives. I like both of your layouts and especially like the color selection in the first one. My 2 1/2" squares are piling up, so maybe I should make some more of these. How nice of your to honor your friend with a quilt she admired.

  5. I really like how the border just frames the block pattern so well. I also like the effect of the same color in the middle of each square. Very effective and so pretty!

  6. I've made some of those blocks too, and I love the versatility with the layouts. Yours looks great! I've come to the conclusion that scrap bins are bottomless . . .

  7. Both quilts are great! I love that pattern. Maybe someday I'll get my scraps organized and I'll try one. Are those 2" blocks?

  8. I love this quilt! Perfect use for those scraps. It does look brighter with the red and yellows in it. I'm not usually one for red, but in your quilt it's perfect.

  9. I wanted to make this FOREVER. In fact there are several I want to make in Karen Combs’ book, Combing Through Your Scraps, I bought centuries ago LOL. I was just looking at my tray of 2.5 inch squares and thinking I really need to do something with these ASAP so I should probably get at it as a leader/ender project maybe. I absolutely love how you quilted this Lynn. What a perfect thoughtful gift for your friend.