Monday 24 July 2017

Procrastination Over

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has some WIPs languishing because we came to an impasse of some sort - sometimes its lack of the right fabric, other times its because we have lost the enthusiasm that we began the project with and sometimes its some other form of indecision or procrastination.

Well making a list always helps me and so finding recently that my list was approaching double figures, I took myself in hand. That meant completing a couple of projects that I'd been happily working on and handing them off to the recipient.

But I knew/know there are about 3 that are just languishing. There is very little to do on them but I became 'stuck'. Today I decided - never mind about stuck, just choose something and bind that quilt! This is one that I began sometime..........ago. It was a quilt as you go method, which was OK, but not a favourite of mine. I enjoyed the quilting on it:
But see how I ended up with that orange binding to complement/bring out the orange in the windmill centres? Well I had tried at least 3 maybe 4 oranges, I tried green, I tried blue, I tried blue with a stripe of orange in the centre. This was all over several months. I took it to a friend's place (where we tried the blue with a stripe of orange in the centre) all to no avail. I would bring it home, lay it out again and think 'Nah!'. 
Today enough of the procrastination, since the quilt is destined for a local group that provides quilts for foster children or their carers, this quilt could be in use! So orange binding on and it's done, hurrah!
And really, once its on - am I still concerned about whether it's the best match/contrast I could have used, well maybe just a little but once it's gone from my home it's on to the next thing. So I'm pleased  
it's done.

Quilt Stats:

Size: 49" x 66"
Wadding: Cotton/polyester
Thread: Rasant

Even better, when I looked at my list again (having now crossed 3 things off since the end of last week) I realised there are really only 6 things on it since two others were just ideas in my head and I haven't even begun yet, so they're not WIPs (yet)!

Until next time,


  1. I read somewhere that perfection is a roadblock to progress...So very true! Your quilt is lovely and there is a blessed child or caregiver out there who will be so comforted by it's warmth and love! Thank you for sharing your talents and thoughts!

  2. looks great we all have those unfinished projects because they dont match maybe what we had originally in mind. but sometimes it is a good bouncing board to some creativity.......

  3. It looks very nice! The orange is great with the green and keeps it gender neutral so it is more versatile. It might very well end up in the hands of a child who's favorite color is orange :)

    I often have to remind myself that I don't need to finish my charity quilts so that they are perfect to me; they just need to be perfect for someone else.

  4. Nice quilt. Good luck on your other finishes.