Monday 5 September 2016

September Goals

We're already five days into this month before it dawned on me that means new goals! I think I was still lingering in August.
I have been busy, just not really on the goals I thought I'd be working on.

I'm working on a couple of projects - one for a friend who is sending things off to Tanzania (blankets for babies or elderly), and another who is raising funds for Burundi- her brother works with there.
The year since I made a quilt for the Burundi effort, seems to have flown by. This year my friend suggested bags might be a good idea. So I enthusiastically began the first one, thinking I'd take it easy with a ready made print in squares.
Having done the lining, pockets and all, I was feeling quite chuffed with myself, until I realised one rather large error once I turned it all through - (having secured the handles going over them several times of course!). Here it is in all its glory.

I'm sure being astute people you all realised its upside down!! If only I'd thought to check that before I sewed the bottom and side seams and then cut the corners off to make the squared bottom. Ah well, fortunately I had another duplicate of all the fabric so I did make another one. I guess I'll just have to keep and use this one myself - and let that be a lesson to me!

So, on to September. I think this will be completed into a blanket to accompany a couple of others to Tanzania. Here's hoping I can get it done. 

Another friend (thank goodness for them, but they can create work sometimes!) asked me about making a weighted bag, just a lap size for some of the Pre-Primary students in her and a colleague's classes. The inner part of the bag goes together quite quickly, but I thought an outer bag might make the washing easier, even though it has Poly-pellets inside. 

So I added a few bits and bobs and here are a couple just lounging around on the sofa:
What amazes me is the calming effect the weight seems to have on children who are somewhere on the autism spectrum. Any shouting out, or inability to sit still for a while seems to be addressed with the weight across their lap. Very glad someone discovered this at some point. 

So, I hope to get back to the quilting soon, but since September only has 30 days, I've only 25 left already!
Until next time,


  1. I am similarly behind on posting goals, but you look like you will be far more productive than I will be! Very interesting the effect the weighted bag has. Looks like you have many great projects underway. Good luck on your blanket. Love the fabric in the pinwheel.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, all the best with your month too.

  2. You have inspired me to make an Autism bag for a friend. I love the idea of a cover with a few tactile additions.

    It did not dawn on me that the print was upside-down, even when I knew I was looking for a problem. I think my brain saw an all-over pattern while I checked that your handles were on correctly. It is cute and I hope you enjoy using it!

  3. Very pleased to inspire you - and the bags are so well received, just do it! Funny my 'other half' thought the handles were twisted and didn't notice the pattern either. Thanks.