Wednesday 26 February 2014

Rainbow connection?

It's been a little while and I've been working on this top I started and then put away, mostly because I wasn't sure what to do for a border - and I wanted a border.
So having looked around a little (and trying to be good and not buy new fabric unless it was absolutely necessary) I thought I'd give a piano border a go.
Well, it was both fun and frustrating. Using the scraps for the initial blocks was fine, but then of course I'd used scraps as they were 'small left over bits' not necessarily 4inch squares. So the hunt was on through my stash for about 5 kinds of various colours, or 10 in some cases. Now that I'm almost there I'm not sure whether it will be too much!
This first shot shows how I'm also auditioning the idea of framing it with the quilter's muslin/calico once the piano border is there (at the top left). How do you tell when it's too much?
I can always reuse the border pieces in a coin type pattern, but you know when you become so familiar with a piece you can't see it objectively any more, or is that just me?

This one shows the gaps I still have in some places, like the greens and the beige/brown - since I needed about 20 of those since there is brown in 2 corners and I've followed it round on both sides. I really do enjoy scrappy tops, but they often bring me undone in trying to piece the blocks together so that they don't overwhelm the whole. 
I'm also working on another that I think I'll intersperse with a broken dishes (ie 4 triangles in matching pairs) block so we'll see how that works, but that's for next time. 
Until then, 


  1. Looks pretty. I like the addition of border. Also thanks for you lovely comment you left on my blog.

  2. The piano key border is gorgeous, Lynn! I love it!
    Also, I wanted to reply to your question, left on my blog this morning. But you are a no reply commenter. So I could not send you an answer by email. Sure appreciate you linking up to the Let's Bee Social!

    1. Hi Lorna, Thanks for the comment and now having made some explorations I think my tech guru (man of the house) has fixed the no reply for me!

  3. That's tough one, I like both but am leaning towards non bordered. I am terribly indecisive at these things too, maybe put it away and work on something else to give your head time to process? Sorry can't be more help to you!

  4. I love your idea of using scraps for the border!

  5. I love the placement of your made fabric and especially how each set of four squares bring the colours together at each corner. The border is a great addition too. Dropped by from Let's Bee Social, great to meet you :D

  6. I like the piano key border. I know what you mean about not being able to look at a project objectively after a certain point. I'm at that point with a quilt right now, also in the borders!

  7. I like no border better too. . . but if you need it bigger - I think the way you are going is definitely the way to go! Very pretty :)

  8. Gosh I love the piecing layout on this, a cracking idea!

  9. This looks amazing. Great use of your scraps.

  10. I love scrappy rainbow. I find it difficult making these decisions too. Good luck but I think either will work so win, win!

  11. What a gorgeous quilt, so bright and colourful.

  12. I love the piano border, I don't think it is too much at all. I'm sure your other option will look great too.