Wednesday 10 January 2018

Second of six

It is amazing how much you can achieve with dedicated time and a plan! As I'm at our holiday place and have much of the day to sew, I'm getting through quite a bit. This is the second of the six baby quilts I am attempting to make before around mid February - gotta aim high. They're for our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group, for six women who are all due to have a baby in the period just prior to Christmas and into February. So I'm trying to make one for each of the families.

I mentioned in my previous blog here how my local fabric shop has 'scrap packs', small bags with seven or more pieces of fabric, usually around a fat eighth or so.

These cute scraps were in a couple of bags, and they looked ideal for the purpose of a baby quilt.

Some of the maroon, dark brown and olive green solids were also in the packs and co-ordinated well with just enough fabric to make the frames, so that was a win. The coloured spot I've had in my stash for a while (It's titled: 'Everything but the kitchen sink' by RJR Fabrics and is dated 2012 - as I said, I've had it in my stash for a while! This was just the right fabric to give the blocks a bit of a lift. 

Unfortunately it looks more washed out in the photo above, not true to the colours, but the closer frame above is  more accurate. 

Also in my stash I had this bright orange (that matches the spots in the sashing) that seemed to go well for a backing with a little of the sashing included, so a win all around with that too. 
I did a simple stipple all over, especially around the loops on the lion's mane (that was fun). I'm sure once I've washed it, it will come up beautifully soft and crinkly. 

So I'm pleased with two out of six baby quilts done and the third is almost there. There's something satisfying about finishing these, I guess the size helps, being just over the 40" mark. 

I hope to post about the third one by the end of the week. 
Until next time,

Quilt Stats:

Size: 42" x 46"
Wadding: Cotton/polyester 80/20. 
Thread: Embroidery cotton for the top; Rasant for the bobbin. 

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  1. That cute fabric makes a great focal point! The smiling animal faces will sure make a little one happy :)