Saturday 7 May 2016

Two finishes

I am very pleased to be able to show a couple of finishes that are on my 2016 list. The first is a scrap quilt I began in early March, my cross string quilt. But here it is all quilted up!
The legs and hand belong to my 'man about the house' (thanks for the help). Its not that big as you can tell, but good for a lap size and since it is going to my local hospice, that will work out fine. I have a friend who works there and she delights in seeing the bright quilts on the bed bringing cheer where it's needed.  That makes the work more than worthwhile, as well as the sheer delight I get from making things from scrap - and from my stash. 
A close up of some of those loops I did on my domestic machine - my new Brother Innovis NV410.  I used a water soluble pen to draw a line, then measured 5" from the top of the loop to the next row. My new machine is just lovely - I can quilt and not have any tension issues.  The Superior Bottom Line thread is a dream. 

I also built what I call my quilting table, up around my machine using foam. I then wrapped it in fabric, taped it on the back with heavy duty tape and then also put a thick plastic over the top. Its a much cheaper, easier option than cutting a hole in my table to drop the machine and make everything level. It fits right up next to the extension part that came with the machine, but goes to the edge of my table and also in front of the machine so my quilt is all on one level, no drag. So I'm really happy with that too. The photo gives you a bit of an idea. 
And a final one of the backing with all that loopy goodness on it. 

My second finish is one I began in November 2015 and got the flimsy finished but with the weather here over summer being too hot to quilt a large (ish) heavy quilt, I only began the centre around January. But finally winter is here and so I've been having fun with the borders in particular. Here it is, 'What colour is Indigo?'
Looking at that blue and white fluffy cloud sky you wouldn't think it was winter here would you? Nice how we picked a sunny spot and didn't realise the pool was there to enhance the blues! This one is for the man himself, who asked the question about the colour Indigo. This was my reply, based on a Moda Indigo charm pack. I added in a few more blues and beiges for the border of squares and I'm pleased with how the white with its blue swirls really helps it all hang together. Speaking of the swirls, here's a close up:
They make me smile when I see them. I haven't tried them that small or close before and I'm happy with the result.
And the backing, I like that too - and it does show the quilting off too. Best of all its lovely to snuggle under and my man is happy with it - only three days after his birthday, win all round. 

Until next time,