Friday 21 October 2016

Bow Ties

I've been having fun with this bow tie quilt. Not one that was on my goal list - must get back to those, I'm behind even from September, but meanwhile I enjoyed using my scraps, except for the backing for this one.
I was inspired by Sarah [Confessions of a Fabric Addict] and her post which I think was back in March or May where she used green scraps to make one a little larger than this. I'm clearly much slower when it comes to completing projects, but I had fun with the quilting too. 
You can see I did a simple quilt around the bow ties themselves and a little chain loop in the background pieces.  My free-motion quilting is getting a work out doing straight lines but I'm getting better at them and its far easier than changing to my walking foot and then turning the quilt frequently. 
And as I mentioned, I only had to get a backing for this quilt. This navy with a small gold coloured shape seemed to fit the bill. 
Not sure whether this might find a home at our local hospice. I don't currently have anyone else who needs a quilt that I can think of. I've also already begun cutting out more ties for the next quilt - more of a varied colouring for that one. 
But meanwhile I must get on and finish my other goals. This is one from September which may get completed this month. I like the on point setting and since it's almost together, with the corners needed, I'll just need to sandwich it and get on with more quilting. 
Until next time,