Tuesday 17 July 2018

Bears and Engines

I've been having fun using up scraps and making baby/toddler quilts again. They are very satisfying as they come together quickly and the bright colours always make me smile.
The first is based on some fire engine fabric my mother in law gave me some time ago (in years I'm talking about). They framed up easily and then I was surprised to find that when I put this blue ish fabric near them and it seemed to work really well. It has a small floral, so not something I would have normally chosen, but isn't that the fun of patchwork? Fabrics you don't anticipate playing well together surprise us.

An overall stipple is also very easy quilting, so that happened quite fast too. And then a stripey border, also always fun. And there is number one. A close up of those engines, very cute. 

For number two, I've had this book for a few years (since 2013) and made several quilts from it, one with stars and one with hearts. It's a great one as it uses 2 and half inch strips for most of the quilt.  I knew it had a pattern for Teddy Bears that I'd often thought of making. This was the time. 

And here they are, Edward and his friends Elvin; Evan and Eli:

I think they're cute and again, fabric all from my stash - a winner for sure! I enjoyed doing these so much and they came together so quickly that I thought I'd incorporate one on the backing. Here he is, Ezra Bear:

And as a change up from my usual stipple, I thought I'd give this paisley/leaf a bit of a go. It worked quite well too, just on my domestic machine.  I used a variegated embroidery shiny thread on the top and Rasant in the bobbin. It's a combination that seems to work well for me. 

I do have a couple more baby quilts in the pipeline and a larger sampler type quilt I'm quilting for a friend, so we'll see how far I get on those this week. 

Quilt Stats:

Engines: 53" and half by 42"
Wadding: Cotton/Polyester 60/40 blend
Thread: Rasant and Embroidery

Teddy Bears: 50" by 46"
Wadding: Cotton/Polyester 60/40 blend
Thread: Rasant and Embroidery

Hope you're enjoying whatever you're stitching,