Thursday 4 January 2018

First for 2018

It feels good to begin the New Year with a finish. While I began this baby quilt in the week or so before Christmas, adding the final borders and the quilting were left until this week.
It began with the centre of the blocks, a cute fabric I've had for a while but was never quite sure how to use it, despite it being in traditional baby colours. 

It has small cherries in the centre and since it was in squares I thought that might dictate best how to frame it. So I dug out the pinks, blues and yellows I had on hand and found some that seemed to work Ok. Since I'm at our holiday place, I don't have my whole stash, just a basket of fabric I brought with me with some baby quilts in mind.

That necessitated a trip into the local fabric shop, which fortunately is a good one. I thought the deeper pink would frame the centre well and was also able to find the final border on special (yay for me). The shop also has scrap packs out which are very generous, they always seem to have around 7 or more different sized pieces. That also worked well as I was able to use some for the backing. I thought the pink floral might be just too much as the whole backing, but framed with some pale lemon I was happy with it.

I quilted it over all with a simple loop. 

I've resolved that this year I will make sure I post completed quilts, as I realise looking back that while I may take photos of completed projects for myself, often as I blog its progress shots that I use. 

My grand plan over our summer (down under) is to try to make 6 baby quilts. Yes, that's right I'm crazy enough to aim for a half dozen in as many weeks. They are for our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group that has 6 women who are/were due to give birth from Dec 23 over the next few weeks.  

I have a second as a flimsy and a third with some pieces cut out. So maybe I'll make it - if the ocean doesn't call too loudly as it is rather beautiful and only a five minute walk. 


  1. This is such a sweet quilt, Lynn! The dark pink makes a perfect inner border. I really like how you "framed" the backing. Very, very nice! Good luck with your goal to make 6 :)

  2. I would definitely be walking to that view a LOT! :) That pink you found at the store was really nice for this, wasn't it? I like what you did with the cherry fabric - perfect design for it.

  3. Very cute baby quilt! That fabric you started with is perfect for these blocks, because at first glance it looks like postage stamp patchwork. Congratulations on your first finish of the new year!

  4. Great first finish for 2018! Your baby quilt looks so soft and cuddly. With that view, I’m not sure I would get any quilting done.

  5. Oh, the call of the beach! May I suggest ear plugs? Haha. I'm like you. I enjoy the vacation, but there is only so much free time I can stand until my hands need to be busy with a project. And bless all the little quilt shops in these out of the way places that feed our need for the thing we forgot back home! Six quilts is doable, but even half that would be honorable mention. The new moms will like whatever you come up with, too. From someone who received a couple baby quilts back before I was an avid quilter, it was the gift not the pattern I was impressed. Blessings to you for making them all.