Tuesday 12 September 2017

Baby squares

I've been making a baby quilt in anticipation of a couple of babies I know are due either soon or in a few months - no harm in being ready. I've made this pattern before, back in March, called Baby blue. And I quilted it quite simply cross hatching the squares and doing a swirl in the white sashing.

But when I saw what Louise did with her similar Butterfly garden I knew I wanted to try that. So here is my version:
Mine doesn't have that lovely double type sashing that Louise's has, but these were the squares I had, so I went with it. While the quilting is pretty straightforward, the fact that it goes around in a curve means that on my domestic machine I still need to support the remainder of the quilt on my left as I go, which took just a little more organising (chair on the side etc). 

The quilting shows up a little better on the back:

And here's a closer up of those squares:
I needed to include those and the piece of white sashing like the front as I didn't quite have sufficient fabric for the backing but I'm pleased I got to use up that pretty pae green and yellow/orange dots. The colours are a little more accurate on the closer up shot but I'm going to have to get working on taking better camera shots. 
This is a reasonably quick baby quilt and I like the idea of the various ways of quilting. Might even try another and just do a basic stipple. 

Well back to the next project - I'm having fun creating a library shelf quilt, but will show photos of that a little later. As usual there are also projects to complete!

Until next time,


  1. What a great little quilt. The white really makes the colors pop. Do you use a charm pack to make this? Must view some of your previous posts!

  2. Different fabric different look. The colours you choose blend very well together. Lucky baby.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    What a fun quilt, and I love the quilting. Did you just keep radiating out from each corner until you reached the middle? I think that diamond shape in the center is cool, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your Baby Squares looks great! The spiral quilting out of the corners looks just as good on a rectangle as on a square piece. You got that same cool diamond shape in the middle. The spirals go pretty fast if you space them fairly wide, don't they? I'm tickled that you wanted to try this technique for yourself :)

  5. What size were your squares? I love the results!