Wednesday 24 February 2016

Table Runner season

Since just before Christmas, I realised I've made 5 table runners. I didn't realise I was in a season of making them, but three have been gifts and two were for our place at Christmas time.
They are really handy as presents for people as they aren't such a large gift that the recipient feels overwhelmed, which they sometimes can if given a quilt. They also don't take as long to make and they can be fun to explore in terms of the quilting on them.

Here is my latest, playing amongst the Gerbra plants in the garden. The colours just seemed to go so well with the green and flowers. A cute place for a picnic if you don't want things to be flat.

Here it is in the kind of situation it is more likely to find itself, flat on a table. And see those little ears poking up at the end of the table, that's my Abby. My little shadow who is always not far from me!

The quilting on this is very straight forward - literally straight lines creating the criss-cross effect throughout the runner. That's partly because I thought it suited the runner but also because I'm 'between' machines. I've sold the one I had and am considering purchasing a Janome Skyline 3 or 5 or a Horizon (my friend has one of those). I'd welcome any feedback from anyone who has one of these, meanwhile I'm reading all the reviews I can find on line as well as going into a shop to try one soon. I like the amount of throat space these machines offer and they're around my budget for a domestic machine. 

I am continuing to work through fabric I have on hand (otherwise known as the stash!) and was pleased with how a metre I had for who knows what, seemed to work well for a backing for this one. Just needed a small strip down the centre. It finishes up at 62" long by 22" wide. Here it is playing in the garden again:

I will get back to the quilts I have in process soon, meanwhile it's nice to celebrate a finish. This one is destined for a part of the world I've not yet been to, Nebraska, US - maybe I'll get there one day, meanwhile this will go as a gift. 

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