Wednesday 17 February 2016

Forest and trees?

I have a friend who is turning the big 60 this week, and her favourite colour is green. So I thought I'd make her a table runner. That was the easy part. I then found a pattern I thought would look quite good and tried to choose fabrics that I thought she'd like.
The result - I'm still a bit undecided - the cream 'windmills' stand out well and then I quilted to help the 'square' to stand out.  They seem Ok, but is it a matter of not being able to see the forest for the trees?

My how the colour can appear differently, outside above and inside below. 

The tree fabric in the centre, below, is one that I really like and trust my friend will too, perhaps I should have added a light grey to blend better ? Too late now anyway, her birthday celebration is tomorrow! 

I also had a slight issue with my threads, - my machine is a bit fussy and likes to have the same on the bobbin as on the top and I just didn't have a dark green in the Superior thread I usually use. So there was some of the green from the front of the runner, showing through on the back. What to do? 

The feathers looked Ok on the front, so did I really want to unpick all those feathers? All those tiny stitches? I don't think so!  

So my 'fix it up as you go along' solution was to add a strip over the offending border similar to a sleeve you might add for hanging I guess. 

I know its far from ideal, but this runner is not for a competition, its to show my friend (I've known her for over 30 years I think) that I care about her, and want to give her something in her favourite colour that shows that. So I hope she gets it. She's more of an embroiderer, or painter or other artistic things, but I think she'll like it. 

Until next time, 


  1. Some beautiful fabrics in your runner, Lynn! I adore that tree fabric! Personally I don't even think you needed to cover those little stitches that poked through onto the back. I know your friend will love it. Period.

    1. Thanks Sandra. I also love the tree fabric, wish I'd had more of that and teamed it with something else - maybe I'll just keep a look out for something similar. I've since made another one, happier with the pattern.