Tuesday 20 October 2015

Mocha swirls

I may have been out of action for a month or so, but with good reason. Here's the reason:
Yes, that's an amazing view of Interlaken in Switzerland and I (and man about the house) got to go and visit our eldest son and his wife who live there. We had a wonderful time, apart from my man becoming very unwell for a week while we were in France. Can you imagine anything worse than being in that land of beautiful food (and wine) and not being well enough to enjoy any of it? Well, that was him. It may be a good excuse to go again in a few years though. 
For a month I did no sewing - and I survived! I guess it helped that we had lots to see and do. 

Now that we're back and well and truly settled - the usual routines kick in including weeding the garden, washing the car and the normal housework (occasionally) I've been making my list - not the Christmas one yet, but my WIPs and trying to tick them off. 

Back in May I had 12 that I wrote down (and that wasn't including a couple I managed to do in August) and now it is down to six, thanks to a finish on this one this week: 

It's a basic rail fence that I began earlier this year I think, but having got it together I enjoyed free-motion quilting some swirls and wiggly lines on it, each in opposite diagonal directions.  Here's another shot (sun going down) showing that great border that really helped to finish it well. 

I think quilting really does help to bring a quilt alive, as this one looked quite flat before the sandwiching and quilting process. It still seems quite masculine to me, with the browns and beige and despite the lemon. So I'm sure it will head off to a good home soon. 

I already have the next quilt sandwiched and so hope to have another finish before long too. There's such satisfaction in crossing them off the list. And of course that enables me to add others, maybe even a Christmas runner as well before the end of the year - well, I may be a bit optimistic but we'll see. 

Until next time,
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  1. Such a pretty quilt! And doesn't it feel so good to cross another off the WIP list? Too bad about your hubby in France :-( I might be going back there soon, this time with my man!

    1. Hi Sandra, Yes indeed good to cross things off, as well as the enjoyment of actually doing the quilting. Hope you get to make the trip soon too.

  2. I love your Rail fence! So Autumny! The colors are great. My hubby and I so want to go to Switzerland. The cattle we raise are native to Switzerland. So sorry your hubby was sick in France- sounds like another trip would be a good plan! xo jan

    1. Thanks Jan, Switzerland is wonderful, but very expensive! Thanks for dropping by.