Friday 13 March 2020

Visits and gifts

We've been very fortunate as a family that our two sons and one daughter in law were able to visit from overseas recently. I say fortunate in the light of all the implications of the pandemic virus sweeping the world.

First of all our son from New Zealand  arrived towards the end of February for 2 weeks. Then his brother and sister in law arrived from Switzerland. They were coming for a wedding which meant that subsequently we were all able to gather down south for a few days of family time.

It was lovely going out for a couple of meals, walking along the beach and generally hanging out together.

When our son and his wife (who had remained in N Z where her parents and sister came to visit) first settled in the South Island, they stayed with a lovely gentleman who, due to some mobility issues, has people stay, cook & clean in exchange for lodging and board.
We also met the man when we visited last year. Since my son had wisely brought a large bag with him, I knew there was room for him to return with a quilt. I also knew that I had done this quilt last October, but it was not quite finished.

It's a simple 16 patch with with what I think of as an egg timer block alternating. It gives the 16 patch a surrounded appearance. I quilted some large spineless feathers in the cream areas and some orange peel in the 16 patch.  The tram lines in the final border just seemed to complete it. I added the binding and it was done!

For the backing, I used some more of a doona cover I had picked up from a second hand shop, in excellent condition. 

I'm pleased that a UFO is making its way to someone who will appreciate it. As for our son and his wife from Switzerland,  they are staying put here down under till early April. Fortunately my son can work from ( our) home. Bonus for us, we get to spend more time with them. 
Stay safe people,
Until next time,


  1. Love the quilt you finished and gave away. I have one in the same general pattern with different color blocks between the 16 patch. Lucky you had a great family gathering for a bit. Hopefully every one will be safe.

  2. Lovely gift, Lynn! I love the backing, too. Nice to have some family time before everything shut down tighter.