Friday 28 June 2019

Christmas in July

Technically I am a little early for July, but a friend of mine asked whether I could quilt this panel for her. Her mother had done it some time ago, but hadn't got around to quilting it.
So here it is, the man himself with his reindeer across the sky.

I had fun with this, look at those reindeer go:

A simple stipple can be so effective in making the background recede and the main attraction pop a bit more. I did an orange peel around the squares in the border and then had some fun on the trees and roof tops:

Perhaps its only Down Under where we think of having a Christmas in July event, since its our winter and thoughts of cooking a turkey or hot dinner seem far more sensible. Perhaps in the northern hemisphere it seems a bit strange - but imagine Christmas in your summer and you'll experience what we usually do in December. 

So while I didn't put this panel together, I did enjoy quilting it and my friend seems pretty happy with it too. 

Until next time,


  1. What a beautiful Christmas quilt. Your quilting finished it in style.

  2. It looks so great. and YAY for being ahead of the game!

  3. Great quilting. July is a great time to work on those Christmas projects and have them ready for that busy season.

  4. What a cute little quilt! It looks great! I'll think about Christmas today while our temps are in the 90s!

  5. This is just darling, Lynn! I'm sure your friend is thrilled with the quilting. The first time I heard of Christmas in July was on a quilting blog. Never realized that southern hemipherers actually have events. Makes sense!

  6. You did a great job of quilting it. The tree quilting grabbed my attention along with the stippling. I imagine it would be hard to be in a Christmas spirit ala the northern hemisphere. But this does have a wintery feel. Hum, I imagine your warm Christmases are a little like when I lived in Southern California. I enjoy four seasons but I complain about more than one snow storm and summer temperatures in the 90s with lots of humidity. Fall and spring are my favorites if we actually get them. But both summer and winter is a good time to hang out in my studio.

  7. Glad that you had some winter fun and the quilting really worked to bring that quilt to life!