Wednesday 15 August 2018

Floppy feathers

Its always surprising to me how different patterns can look in different colour ways. Easy simple bricks is a very basic pattern that I did earlier here.  But I chose just one fabric, the turquoise giraffes to put into a different collection of fabrics. The collection had purples and oranges in it, like this:

Its a brighter look and I really enjoyed picking out those colours. I began with the white with circles that have orange, purple, turquoise in it and initially included a soft palette of those colours in one fabric too - but had to discard that as it didn't really fit once I had everything else. Again, strange how that can happen when you expect a fabric that has all the right colours in it, to complement others and yet it just doesn't fit. No matter, I'm sure its time to shine will come.

I really enjoyed doing the floppy feathers so tried that again with this baby quilt.

The purple fabric (given to me by a friend quite some time ago) seemed to be a good one to create the border with, but wouldn't you know it, wasn't quite enough. So I find that's where the creativity/ingenuity has to come in. I stretched it a little by putting some plain purple in as well. And the eye doesn't really notice it, seems we do focus on the whole. But here it is:

And the backing - also in my stash, just seems to work really well:

The orange binding seems to work too, I really like it when I have everything on hand and have fun putting it all together. And baby quilts seem to come together in no time, I think it's my favourite size to quilt. 

One final shot of the whole and then it goes along with the others made earlier, to new babies and their parents. That's the other wonderful thing about making quilts, getting to give them as gifts. Such fun. 

Until next time,


  1. Such a pretty quilt. I do like the color combination!

    1. Thanks Wendy, they are kind of peaceful aren't they?

  2. Sounds like this one was fun from A to Z! It's beautiful and happy and I'm sure will be well loved by the recipients. Congrats on such a cute finish :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean by the one fabric just doesn't seem to work even though it has all the right colours, and then necessity being the mother of invention with the adding the purple in the border, yup! And nope! Did not notice it until you pointed it out. It's a great quilt, must keep the pattern in mind! I like that size too, I have several I take to yoga classes I teach and I sit on the edge of them folded up, just enough to elevate the hips slightly and give a little comfort to the sit bones!

  4. Beautiful colors, Lynn. Love the combination of purple, turquoise and orange. I recognize the orange binding fabric is from Crystal Manning's Wild Nectar. I used it in Esmeralda. The sandwiched border - white+purple+white looks absolutely lovely. This is a perfect gift!!!