Monday 20 November 2017

Christmas Squirrels

While there are a number of projects I could/should be doing, I saw one of  these Christmas table runners and it became a squirrel I just had to catch. Plus I felt quite pleased with myself for beginning something for Christmas before its even the end of November!
So from the Christmas fabrics I had in my stash, I cut out the triangles (made my own template and added half inch sashing to the sides). And it quite soon became a flimsy:

The triangles were easy but the 'trunks' which should have been by far the easiest part, took some careful measuring - perhaps my triangles with their sashing weren't as even as I thought? Anyway I got there and now, with the subtle difference below (it's sandwiched and pinned), I'm ready to quilt.

I think I'll stipple where the cream is to help the trees to stand out and perhaps do some straight lines in the trees, or maybe leave them, I'll see how it goes. Hope to have this one quilted and bound by the end of the week. A small project can be fun and quite inspiring in moving on to slightly larger works in progress too.

Until next time,


  1. Such sweet little trees! And I really like the tiny stars on top :)

  2. your runner is so cute! love it. those stars are adorable

  3. What a cute table runner! I love that the trees face two directions.