Monday 31 July 2017

Squares and Bow Ties

Having made one bow-tie quilt (Bow-tie with Baptist Fan quilted pattern)and enjoyed using up my scraps and the fun variety of colours it produces, I thought I'd give another one a go, using a different layout this time.
The final cream border is not too visible here, but I'm looking forward to quilting it and putting some ribbon candy in there. We've got very heavy rain here today as well as thunder and lightening so I'm not going to get anything other than indoor shots today. 
Here's a slightly closer up (or enlarges when you click on it anyway):
One thing I hadn't quite realised until I began to put some of the ties together, is that the background beige/brown is a directional pattern. When I first looked at it I thought I'd determined that it wasn't, but clearly it is. I think there's enough other colour going on though that it's not a big distraction/detraction from the whole. 

I'm also working on some 2 1/2" squares. These are good to just hand sew together at night - though when I see a few blocks coming together I just have to get on the machine and move it along a bit more too! 
I'm going to put that teal coloured sashing and a small (about 2") cornerstone in as I go along too. Again, a great way to use up some scraps and a fun bright quilt results. These are always fun to make and since my stash doesn't seem to shrink, no matter how much I use it, I could be doing things like this for quite a while!

Until next time,


  1. Hello Lynn, Your Bow Tie Quilt is marvelous! I just love scrap quilts and especially bright fabric scrap quilts. Just something I have really gotten into in the past couple of years. Your new quilt is going to turn out wonderful also! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  2. I wouldn't have noticed the directionality of the background print. You're right, the bright bow ties are center stage and hide that nicely. I like the scrappy 16 patches, too! SO cheerful :)