Monday 29 May 2017

Two at once

Having completed quilting one quilt, having 2 that are ready sandwiched and pinned up, I really ought to get on and quilt them next, but....
Sometimes piecing is just fun. I like to see what fabrics will look like alongside others and which colours will play nicely.
So I've ended up doing two things at the same time. I began with these churn dash blocks:

I'd seen a pattern quite a while ago from Denise Russart Barn Dance 2016. It looked like fun, different sized blocks and scrappy colours - just my thing. So I began some of those. Here's one with a small one inside it - appeals to me.

But as people have commented, sometimes those squirrels just distract us and take us off on another tangent. So I also saw a simplified log cabin type block that also looked great from Tanya's blog (thanks Tanya). And I really want to use up some scraps, so they looked like a great pattern with some 2 and half inch strips and some narrower cream pieces around the edge. I know I have bits of cream around the place, so off I went.
These are quite low volume so I'll have to be careful as I go to make sure I select similar. Some of those greens and one of the mauve already look louder than the rest but I'm hoping when all the blocks get together they'll be Ok. As you can see from this single block, it has the quadrants to make it up but the 2 and half inch colour pieces mean that it goes together really quickly. 
So that's how my week is beginning. We'll see what I get to by the end of it. 
We have a long weekend coming up here towards the end of the week though so we're doing our 4 and half hour drive to our holiday place. That takes up a chunk of time, but hopefully once we're there I can make use of my quilting table down there. 
For all of you in the U.S. Happy Memorial Day. 

Until next time,


  1. Love your churn dash and your log cabin blocks-I have admired Tanya's too! Hope you had a great Holiday.

  2. Oh yes, I completely agree with you, Piecing is a joy, but quilting must be done. Your log cabin blocks are looking terrific. I am sure they will make a lovely quilt :-)