Saturday 18 March 2017

Scraps and stash

I think my new approach in 2017 will be to follow the advice about being inspired by something and beginning it - read that somewhere on a quilting blog recently, can't remember where but it obviously struck a chord with me.
So I saw a quilt on Katy Quilts [] thanks Katy. While she mentioned a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop, I couldn't find that, so just worked out the sizes - not too challenging when you know it's a 2 and half inch strip start.
And I came up with this:
While I really enjoyed making the pattern, the bonus was that all the pieces came from my scrap box, or from my stash. I'm really trying to use up a lot more of what I have on hand and its such a good feeling when a piece you've had for several years (wow, have I really had that since 2011??) and to find just the right quilt to use it in.

So for the borders on the quilt, I auditioned several and then found both this deep brown Bali fabric that, along with an Autumn themed one that seemed to work and bring it all together.

I had fun including some pretty fabrics that surprised me by how they went together and 

how many 'neutrals' I had, that I hadn't seen before as a potential for that role in a quilt. So all in all I'm pretty happy with this flimsy and the next quest will be to check the stash again and see if I can locate a backing fabric.  Then will also be the challenge of how to quilt it. Part of me wants to do an all over, as this one is likely destined for our local hospice and an all over makes it softer and perhaps more suited to the undoubted number of machine washings it will get. But then look at all those intersections of neutrals - couldn't I have fun doing something interesting in there?

We'll see what wins. 
Until next time,


  1. Oh YES I can see potential for lots of fun in the neutral areas! Great pattern--will bookmark your post as a potential Hands2Help quilt. And yep, I have fabrics older than 2011 that I NEED to get off the shelf and into a quilt.

  2. Hurray for using your scraps and Yippee for figuring out the dimensions. It must be fall in Australia, because that is exactly what your quilt looks like :-)