Sunday 19 February 2017

Scraps get quilted

While it's not completed, it feels good to have this one further along the way. I'm enjoying doing different quilting on each of the 35 blocks - hmm, few more patterns than I realised are required. I may repeat some. But it's also giving me the opportunity to practise my ribbon candy quilting.

I have the feeling that last time I created a quilt almost entirely from scraps I resolved to only do a whole pattern over the quilt, but they are great places to try out new patterns and get some new muscle memory skills developed.

I was also very pleased that all of this fabric came from my stash. The backing I had been 'saving' for when I next make an Autumn quilt, then I realised that I have quite a few fabrics that will go into an Autumn quilt very well and this piece may not suit once they're all together. So why save it and purchase more when I can just use this now? Anyway, there it is, with just an additional 6" strip down the centre and the last scrappy square in the centre.  
It's quite obvious from the backing that I haven't anywhere near completed the quilting (12 of the 35 blocks done so just over a third, plus the bits of ribbon candy). But it feels good to do some quilting when I realised I'd only done piecing for a few weeks. 
Still, that helps to add to the projects to show next time - hopefully!
Till next time,


  1. Oh I love your scrappy blocks quilt--the sashing with cornerstones really sets those colorful blocks off just right. Hopped over from "Monday Morning Making" site hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful quilting, I really like how you are adding different designs to each square.

  3. Good for you practicing lots of different designs on your blocks. I'm always tickled when I can pull a backing from my stash. Believe me it doesn't happen often -- I tend to buy 1/2 yard pieces. Hope you keep working on this so you have a nice finish.