Sunday 23 March 2014

Two Finishes

It's been a busy week but it feels good to have quilted and finished 2 quilts. Sad that they are both destined for women who have the terrible disease of our generation it seems, cancer. I hope these 'fabric hugs', as I like to think of quilts, brighten their day a little.
The first is my 'low flutter' quilt, low volume in blues and a butterfly feature fabric. I wasn't sure how to quilt this one, but thought I'd give an all over free-motion swirl a go and I think it worked out OK. The weather was glorious and my roses just peeping over the top make me smile.

The backing is a soft apricot with the off-centre feature fabric, which I've also come to like, despite the fact that it wasn't originally destined to be off-centre!

The second quilt is my rainbow connection. The timing worked out well for a number of people at church to sign in the spaces of quilter's muslin and I quilted it with a simple line from the yellow sections, like rays from the sun. After auditioning a number of fabrics for the binding, I think the 4 colour variations seem to fit. Again I trust it will bring a tangible sign of love and care.

This week I hope to be onto fun children's quilts as I seem to know so many who are pregnant and due very soon - such are the varied experiences in the spectrum of life.

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